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Single kayaks from Kajakprofi

No matter whether you have driven already more often kayak or get anew into this great hobby - with us you are right. We have a generous range in popular, sleek and stylischen kayaks on offer. And just that of A kayak is very popular with beginners like professionals because it is the practical Allrounder for all situations and waters kinds. By the purchase one of A kayak you should find out before well, it is on-line or direct. Our shop provides to you, on this occasion, every assistance which you maybe need. Our experienced employees in both shops in Berlin and near Hamburg discuss you with all questions - or you turn about our shop to us. We answer all questions all around the kayak shop and help you to find the type perfect for you.

Of a kayak not only fürviele operational areas are present ideally, but also as a beginner's model for beginners. If you liked to learn first the driving, this goes with best of all. He lighter lets himself manövieren than, for example, a canoe or a white-water kayak. At the same time they are qualitatively high-quality to A kayak in our shop, because we select our range of products carefully. You will find only the models which persuade us by robustness, good processing and ideal handling characteristics in our shop. & nbsp; if you liked to buy a really good kayak, you should go forward after a check list which contains all important points and high-class signs. With it you play it safe, in any case, and will think a model that optimally fits to you.

Go forward with choice and purchase after the following points:

- Are you a beginner or advancer? There are special kayaks for both types and just little beginner's eyebrows kayaks which give up themselves easily and certainly. - How does it look with the material state? Is the processing high-quality and does stand them also one or other driving mistake? - The handling characteristics are also important. With beginner a light Manövrierbarkeit and an optimum main focus completely stand on top. If you feel fine with your kayak not really, a creative design also uses nothing. - For advancers the question positions itself where you will go most often: on speed or in the torrent? For both kinds of the kayak driving we have the suitable models in tour kayaks and white-water kayaks on offer. - The price is natural also a point on the check list. How intensely will you exercise the hobby? How often do you go on the water? - On this occasion, the question also maybe arises whether your One kayak should be new or used. Just if you search first of all a favorable entrance model or lead not regularly, a Second hand kayak is possible. & nbsp;

With kayaks there are the numerous good brands whose products have proved themselves since long. In addition belong under other Tahe navy, Zegul, Seabird, Point 65,   Winner, etc. We lead a big choice in A kayak this and other brands which produce the perfect models for all Anspüche. Look around in our offer - the brands and implementation erfülen practically all wishes. Whether anew or uses - in our on-line shop as well as directly on site in Berlin and near Hamburg you can buy nearly every kayak. Should your dream kayak not be present: Appeal to us and we make possible to order it specially.

Only in practice can be found out best of all whether your select kayak and you really fit. You can agree on a test run in our shops any time. Our employees are there for you, discuss you and thus you go with your One kayak already once on close touch. Or, however, you notice that another is, nevertheless, better for you. Thus you find in the twinkling of an eye - or Paddelumdrehen - your ideal model

High-quality of A kayak of the kayak professional: Your dream of the free kayak driving is with us soon reality.